A New Open Door


Ministry as an Associate Pastor in Melbourne is quite different than that of a full time minister in the States, most of my work here is done in the surrounding community since the Church doesn’t actually have a building. Our Sunday services are held in a rented school hall, and we meet at a families house for prayer meeting for Prayer Meeting in Wednesday night. While this focus on working in the community definitely gives more opportunities to share the Gospel, it can also be hard to find ministries that allow me to share the Gospel in a clear way.

Most of you know that since February I have been working towards starting an RE (Religious Education) class at the school where we meet on Sundays. The paperwork for this has been finalized and we hope to begin classes in late May. Last Friday I learned that the organization that trains RE teachers also has a chaplains ministry in local schools, and a few moments of searching on their website revealed that a school less than five minutes from my house was looking for a chaplain!

This afternoon I will start filling out the paperwork to apply for a chaplaincy position. The entire process will take around a month so its entirely possible that in June I will both an RE teaching and chaplaincy position! Please pray for wisdom and guidance as I begin pursuing this opportunity so the Lord would reveal to me if this is truly His WIll. Also if that chaplaincy position is truly meant for me the application process would go smoothly.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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