Ministry Praises


Dearest Friends,

Its been a pretty crazy and stressful week with the Australian dollar hitting record highs two days in a row so I would like to just share praises with you this morning. Please do keep all missionaries on foreign fields in your prayers since the declining American dollar affects all of them.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers,

John Wilburn

1. Praise for the successful Eggstravaganza last Saturday: We had a three hour vbs style ministry for children in the area last Saturday and were honestly worried that not many people would show up since last week was a four day weekend so many people were out of town, and this was the first time Cornerstone had ever done this outreach. The Lord blessed though as we had twenty-five children come, many of whom had mothers or fathers who stayed the entire time. We are especially thankful for a deaf woman from the community who is interested in attending our services with her son John as a result of the outreach.

2. Praise for Little Big Day Out: Most Churches in the area have vbs programs during school holidays in Australia (schools here give students three breaks of about three weeks each instead of a longer summer break) so I had the opportunity in March to work with another Churches outreach to children called Little Big Day Out. They had around thirty five children there and I was able to give a lesson on Josiah who chose to serve God at a young age, as well as help with games. Praise God for the children who came and those who expressed interest in coming on Sundays to learn more about Christ.

3. Praise for new missionaries: Mark Pitts, a missionary raising support to serve the Lord full time in Melbourne spent a week With me during late April. The short visit was to finalize the visa for himself and his family, look at cars and housing, and learn more about culture before coming full time in 2012. They plan to come in February of next year to add some much needed help on the mission field.

4. New School Ministry: I recently learned that a high school less than five minutes from my home is looking for a chaplain who will serve two days each week. The responsibilities would be somewhat like a guidance counselor giving advice and wisdom to students when needed using Scripture. I have contacted the organization that trains chaplains and will meet with one of their Representatives next week about the possibility of applying for this vacancy.

5. Opportunity to Share the Gospel: After months of visiting and many conversations with an unsaved friend Esther every Thursday morning she seemed to understand her need of Christ. After explaining that good works would never get her into Heaven and the penalty of not receiving Christ she asked me how to keep from going to Hell. This was the first time she actually expressed an interest in receiving the Lord, but I am afraid it was a fear of hell that brought this decision instead of a repentance of her sin. Next week I will sit down with her again and share the Gospel in a clear way using Scripture and pray the Lord brings her to Salvation.

6. Chance to minister at Grace Baptist: As a new missionary on the field in January 2007 I became a part of Grace Baptist Church. Over that first term of service the people of Grace became a family to me, and are still great a vital part of my ministry through their encouragement and prayers. For the next two Sundays I will be preaching at the Church as their current pastor is away on vacation with family who are visiting from the States. This is not only a great opportunity to share God’s Word, but also spend time in fellowship with close friends and minister to them spiritually.

7. Added Support during March: While the strengthening Australian dollar is a prayer request the Lord provided some extra needed support last month which helped ensure that I am not under supported each month.

8. New home in Craigieburn: Though it has been a month since I moved into my new home it still amazes me that the Lord provided a three bedroom house with a back yard, ducted heating and air conditioning in a growing suburb for the same price as a two bedroom apartment.

9. Discipleship Ministry: Next Thursday I begin discipling a young man from Cornerstone who was saved in February, then the Monday after that I begin working with another of our young people. This is in addition to a man who I have been discipling on a weekly basis for about two years.

10. Praise for the prayers and thoughts of all you who stand with me in this time of need. It is such a strength to know that even in stressful weeks I am not dealing with those struggles alone, but Christ stands with me as well as all my prayer supporters

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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