April Prayer Letter

May 4, 2011

Dearest Friends,

As a missionary in Melbourne the Lord has given me many opportunities for learning how Australians respond to the Gospel. For the most part there is an apathy about God or their need of Christ, it isn’t that they aggressively hate God, but they don’t regularly think about Him. Most respond to the Gospel with procrastination (I will do it later), debate about whether or not Jesus was the Son of God, or just lack of interest. Because of Melbourne being such a difficult mission field its part of my responsibility as Missionary to share the good news of Christ with those who would be open to receiving it. This is why many Churches develop ministries that share the truths of Scripture with young children whose hearts would be tender to the Gospel.

During April the Lord allowed me to become involved in some of these children’s ministries, and also opened the door to work with children in surrounding schools. This is a great encouragement to me because I love working with children, partly because of their energy and innocence, but it allows me to act half my age as well! in early April I took part in the Little Big Day Out of Grace Baptist Church, this is a one day VBS ministry for children in the community during school holidays. It was a great honor to teach these young people about Josiah, a boy who when he was eight years old decided he would obey God instead of other people. I also helped run some of the children’s games and and helped care for some of the more “active” children. The next Saturday I helped with my Church Cornerstone Baptist as we held our first “Easter Eggstravaganza” with games, Easter egg hunts, a puppet show, egg coloring, and crafts. After both of these ministries I arrived home exhausted but feeling incredibly happy and fulfilled. The Lord used those experiences to begin praying about and looking for other ministries that would help me minister to children the surrounding community of Craigieburn.


God answered my prayers in not one, but two ways! First by providing a chaplaincy position at a local High School less than three minutes from my house. This ministry would include giving advice, counsel, and direction to students while helping in any other way possible using Scripture. I have already contacted the organization that trains those interested in chaplain openings and am currently going through the application process. Please pray that if it is the Lords Will I could begin ministering as the chaplain of Craigieburn Secondary College (an elementary and High School) in June since the application process will take about a month.

The chaplain opening was exciting, but yesterday the Lord surprised me with another answer to this prayer. In late 2010 I began mentoring some boys at a local school who had come from a disadvantaged background. At the time I worked with them once a week on Tuesday and had an appointment to meet with their teacher to see where I could be used in 2011, nstead of coming once she asked me to work with first and second graders three times a week! This is a huge answer to prayer and I look forward to starting tomorrow morning. Please pray that I would have the patience and energy to minister with these children three times a week, it will only be for two hours at a time but even that short amount of time could be exhausting! In particular pray for the boys who I will meet, many of them do’t have a strong male role model.

These opportunity to minister in schools are an incredible blessings for me, but they also have a great responsibility. Pray that I will show wisdom and discernment while looking for opportunities to share the Gospel with these dear children. Also that the Lord would give me the strength to serve Him faithfully and be a Godly influence on their lives for His Glory. Thanks so much for continuing to stand with me as I reach the unsaved of Melbourne.

In Him,

John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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