School Chaplaincy Update


A few weeks ago I became very burdened about not doing enough within my own community of Craigieburn. The ministry at Cornerstone and volunteering four days a week keeps me busy, but those ministries don’t give me many opportunities to share my faith. Also none of my volunteering was actually done in Craigieburn, which was frustrating since this is where we planted the Church, and I recently had moved there in order to reach the people around Cornerstone. The Lord answered my prayer and burden by giving an incredible ministry opportunity.

A high school (Craigieburn Secondary College) is currently looking for a chaplain who would work there two days a week, currently the Australian Government has a law in place that requires schools to have a chaplain that has been trained by a religious organization called Access Ministries. These chaplains will be used as counselors, social workers, and teachers within the school system helping students in need.

On Easter weekend I learned about this opening and got in touch with the people at Access, since then my time has been spend filling out their application forms and visiting current chaplains. The experience has taught me a lot about what this ministry involves and how I can prepare myself for it. Tomorrow (May 16) I will have my last chaplain interview, and after sending a brief overview of my interviews the application process will be completed.

While this is an exciting time for me there is also need for prayer. Please pray that the Lord would give me discernment about how, and when to share the Gospel. In my interviews I learned that most schools will not allow chaplains to write or say the word “God” which of course makes it hard to share the good news of Christ. Adding to the need for wisdom is the fact that most schools are mostly Muslim (some as high as 80%). I do believe that the Lord would give me opportunities to share Christ but I will have to be very careful in doing so.

Also be in prayer since the chaplains ministry has recently come under attack. There is a lawsuit in the high courts demanding Access no longer be able to put chaplains in local schools since it goes against separation of Church and State. If it passes, then the principals would be able to choose between psychologists, social workers, or chaplains to work in the school, in almost every case this would lead to chaplains being eliminated from the school program and destroy the ministry of Access. I understand that the Lord is complete control of this situation but also feel it needs special prayer. Thanks so much for remembering me as I prepare to share the Love and message of Christ with young people who need Him.

Because of Who He is,

John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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