School Ministry Update



Dearest Friends,

One of the main goals of my ministry is to reach the unsaved in communities surrounding Cornerstone Baptist Church.  The Lord in early 2010 allowed me to begin volunteering in homework tutoring groups and Dialysis visitation which have given opportunities to share the Gospel but recently I began praying about doing more.  These ministries usually last about an hour and are only done once a week so it isn’t really effective in reaching people in the Aussie culture where you have to develop close relationships with individuals before ministering to them.

Because of this, there is a growing desire in my heart to find a work that I can become involved in three days a week.  When God opened the door for a Chaplaincy position at a local High School I believed He had answered that prayer, but since then that opportunity has fallen through.  In its place the Lord has given me an opportunity to work with first and second graders at a local school.

The school is a state funded facility located in an area of Melbourne filled with low income housing and immigrants who recently came to Australia.  Adding to the students challenges is the fact that most of them come from a bad family background and have little structure or discipline in their lives.  This is where the school comes in, giving them a structured environment for learning and also teaching moral values (though it isn’t a Christian school).

In 2010 I worked on Tuesdays with a group of boys who literally couldn’t be part of any class because they had such serious problems with anger.  As the new year started I approached the school about working with them again, and they encouraged me to help with the first and second graders.  So now every Wednesday I act as a teachers aid while ministering to sixteen children, none of whom know the Lord.  Over the weeks the Lord has laid these children on my heart (began working with them in May) and led me to pray about working with them two or three days a week.

Currently there aren’t enough opportunities to work with these young people three times, but they are working on a mentorship program I can become a part of.  It would allow me to work with some of the more “active” boys in projects such as planting a veggie patch, playing sports, and cleaning around the school.  Please pray that the Lord would open the door for me to do this, and possibly get a third opportunity to influence these first and second graders.  Most of them are Muslim or come from a Muslim background so obviously I will need to be discerning in how to share the Gospel, your prayers for wisdom would be appreciated as well.  More than anything else my desire is that God would give me an opportunity to serve Him ministering to the unsaved on a consistent basis each week.

Because of Who He is,

John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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