Help me decide what to Write!

Dear Friends,

A few years ago when returning to Australia  for my second term of service I decided to start a blog at to share ministry updates, and personal thoughts.  Since then the site has been moved to and the Lord has placed a great burden upon my heart to use it as a teaching tool.  Some of you know this already, but my specific calling in Melbourne is to disciple Believers of local Baptist Churches as Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church.  The people of Cornerstone and other Churches receive strong teaching through the preaching ministry, but there seems to be a need for more practical discipleship or explanation of Scripture.  This doesn’t mean you compromise the truth of Scripture, but this involves applying it directly to their lives in a specific way.

So in early 2011 I began using the blog to give teaching on practical subjects from Scripture.  Recently the site covered Kidulthood:  (The growing trend of young adults who choose to live like teenagers), and Approval Addiction:  (The result of seeking man’s praise instead of God’s).  Now its time to start working on a new subject and I am trying to figure out which theme would be best for my blog.  Since the site is created to encourage and teach my Facebook friends and twitter followers (as well as anyone interested) I wanted you to have some input in what should be discussed.  A few of my favorite ideas are listed below, please let me know which one you would like to be covered the most.  Mondays will continue to include a ministry update (prayer requests, praises, stories from the field) and Fridays will be reserved for personal thoughts or lessons learned in Melbourne, so you should expect at least two posts each week on the most popular subject.

You can vote for your favorite by sending a Facebook message, commenting on this post on Facebook page, leaving a comment on the blog here, or sending a direct message in twitter.  Also, please feel free to share other ideas or questions that could be covered in the future.  Thanks so much for helping me as I attempt to make a tool that God uses to teach others.

Because of Who He is,

John Wilburn

1.  Living for Tomorrow:  Making decisions based upon future goals and what God wants us to become instead of instant gratification

2.  Social Depth:  How social media has affected our relationships, and ways we can use it to develop deeper ones.

3.  Reaching the Hand and the Heart:  Learning how to not only meet the spiritual needs of the unsaved in our community, but their physical and emotional ones as well.

4.  Facing our Fears:  Understanding why we are afraid of certain things in life, and how we can Biblically deal with those fears

5.  Hardcore Humility:  Becoming a person who shows ambition by constantly moving forward, while also displaying humility by relying on God instead of yourself

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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