My Seventeen Children

Please note that all pictures in this post were taken with the children’s consent and their teachers permission. They should not be copied or shared for any reason.
In my ministry the Lord has given me two specific burdens which along the Great Commission decide where my energy, finances, and time go.  The first burden is for discipleship of local Believers, and the second is to work with children and share the Gospel.  The Lord has given me opportunities to achieve the first portion of this vision through mentorship of two young men and a married couple at Church.  But along with discipleship the Lord has also allowed me begin working with seventeen first and second graders at a local elementary school.
The children (seen in this post displaying their pictures of a police officer who visited earlier that day) come from a portion of Melbourne which has gained a reputation for things such as violence and drugs.  Several months ago there were a number of shootings in the afternoon, one of which was a few blocks from their class room.  Because of this a local school where I volunteer has focused on giving these children a safe and positive place to learn.  It also gives them much-needed structure and discipline since a lot of them come from a poor family background.
My hour and half with these students every Wednesday morning is something I look forward to every week.  I volunteer as a teachers aid, help control some of the more “active students”, and assist in any other way possible since its sometimes difficult working with a group of seventeen.  My time with these students has made that desire to work with children stronger, and find a ministry which would allow me to mentor or help more than just an hour a week.
Unfortunately there isn’t an opportunity to do more with this particular group of students since most of the work must be done by licensed teachers or professional mentors (I am neither of course).  There are however opportunities to work with students at other schools on a volunteer basis that can be pursued.  I have applied for a few of these positions since May but all my applications have been rejected so far, which in my mind is God saying the right opportunity has not come up yet.
Please pray the Lord would give me wisdom as I pray about school ministries, and the time with these young people could be used for His honor and Glory.  My greatest desire is to work with this group of first and second graders two or three times a week instead of once, ask God to work this out if it is His Will.  And if you remember give a quick prayer for me at 9:30 Tuesday nights as I work with my seventeen children.
Because of Who He is,
John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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