Closed Doors and Opened Opportunities

Dearest Friends,

This week has been a wonderful learning experience for me since I experienced the frustration of a closed door of ministry and new opportunity within a few days of each other.  My last update discussed a mentorship opportunity at a local High School that I had applied for and was praying God would allow me to get involved in.  Unfortunately they have chosen not accept my application which I am actually not surprised with since many schools would be uncomfortable with a minister volunteering or mentoring students.  Even though this wasn’t unexpected it was still frustrating to see such a wonderful opportunity closed.

The Lord understood my frustration, and two days after receiving a letter from the school provided a new opportunity.  This outreach was to another people group but gave lots of freedom to share the Gospel, and more importantly was in the community of Craigieburn.  A local library is starting a computer tutoring program that teaches how to use Internet and email along with other areas of technology.  There is already a great interest in this program from the older community in Craigieburn, and though I will have two one hour sessions when starting next Friday, its possible to have as many as four soon.

This computer tutoring gives me a greater opportunity than the mentorship because I will have complete freedom to share the Gospel, the mentorship would hinder me from sharing my beliefs until the student asked religious questions.  Also this is the first (hopefully of many) community ministries in Craigieburn with the library less than five minutes away from the school where we meet for Church.  Please pray that I would find opportunities to share my faith with those who desire computer training, and it could be used to bring visitors to Cornerstone Baptist Church.  Also remember me as I continue praying about the next step God would have me take towards ministering in local schools.

In Him,

John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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