How To Study a Bible Character

This afternoon I was able to conduct a brief workshop after Church on how to do a biographical or character study in session three of our “How to Study the Bible” series.  This study compiles everything about a character in Scripture and looks at their story as a whole.  Stories of individuals in the Bible are different from what we are used to since bits and pieces about their lives are recorded in a number of different books, which makes it easy to overlook one part of their testimony or story.

That’s where the biographical study helps as we create a chronological timeline of their life and activities throughout Scripture, and then study the characters entire story as a whole.  Below are some steps to take when going through a biographical study and questions that can be asked.  I pray that they can be a source of blessing and enjoyment as you learn more about your favorite Bible characters.


How to Do a Biographical Study:

Step One:  Choose a character

Step Two:  Find every Scripture passage that refers to that person (this can be done with a concordance, ble software, or Bible study websites)

Step Three:  Read the passages as a group (at least three chapters at a time) note your thoughts while reading

Step Four:  Read the passages again and make a chronological outline of the person’s life (include actions, trials, temptations, decisions, ect.)

Step Five:  Read the passage a third time and note key points about the person (their background, relationships, strengths and weaknesses, character, decisions,  significant events)

Step Six:  Apply lessons learned from the study to your life


Questions for Biographical Study;

Their Reputation

  • What did enemies say about him/her?
  • What did his/her family say about him/her?
  • What did God say about him/her?

Their Character:

  • What was his/her aims and motives?
  • How did he/she respond to failure?  Did they get discouraged easily?
  • How did he/she respond to adversity?
  • How quickly did he/she obey God when commanded to do something?

Their Background:

  • What does his/her name mean?  Why where they given that name?
  • Where did he/she live?  What was their everyday life like?
  • Where they exposed to other cultures?  Did they affect them?
  • What was the spiritual, political condition of their Country?

Significant Events:

  • How did he/she handle the great crisis in their lives?
  • How did he/she respond to God’s divine call?
  • What crucial decisions did he/she have to make?  What affect did they have?
  • Did any recurring problem keep coming up in his or her life?


  • How did he/she treat other people?
  • What where their close friends like?  How did they influence him/her?
  • What influence did he/she have on others?  Their Nation?  Other Nations?
  • Did his/her friends or family help them serve the Lord?


  • What where his/her strengths or outstanding traits?
  • Did they show development of character as time passed?
  • What was his/her greatest spiritual battle?
  • What were the results of his/her sins or weaknesses?

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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