Board Games and Ghost Stories

Yesterday I spent some time with a young married couple from Cornerstone and a few friends after Church.  Its sort of become tradition to meet at someone’s house once or twice a month on Sundays for board games, a movie, lots of junk food, and wonderful fellowship.  Since becoming Pastor of Cornerstone in 2007 those evenings have become a great blessing to me.  At first by giving me a chance to get to know people who attend the Church, and later by developing more close relationships as others became part of the Sunday evening get together group.

The greatest way God uses these games nights though is just the fun, fellowship, and laughter we enjoy.  Its gotten to the point where I get excited when one of my friends sends me a text message saying “JB[1] do you want to come over tonight” on a Sunday afternoon.  Because every one of those fellowship evenings are used by God to encourage me.

Last night after the board game and before our movie we decided to do something different and tell ghost stories.  Somehow this turned into JB telling everyone ghost stories with all the lights turned out and a flashlight shined on his face.  So I began telling them a “spooky story” that isn’t really scary at all while my friends laughed hysterically and tears ran down their faces.

Four hours after arriving I got into the car and drove home.  Along the way memories of all the fun, memories, and friendships of those games nights ran through my mind.  And it occurred to me that we all need those kinds of evenings in our lives.  The night when you can forget all your problems for a few hours, spend time with friends, and encourage one another.

The more I thought about that the more it convicted me because many people don’t have the games night experience.  And that led me to think about how to give others the chance to take part in our community.  Unfortunately it isn’t possible for everyone to become part of our group (the houses are too small).  But it is possible to reproduce the fellowship evenings and invite others to part in community with us.

After praying about this I feel the Lord leading me to start my own games night as an outreach tool for unsaved friends as well as encouragement for Believers.  The first one will be this Saturday with the young people from Cornerstone and I hope to have at least two every month. Please pray that these fellowship evenings would be used for the Glory of God.  And in the future when someone gets a text from me asking if they want to come over, may the get excited.

Because of Who He is,


John Wilburn

[1] JB is short for Johny Boy which I have made clear they cannot call me

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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