October Ministry Praises

Once a week I try to send a ministry update that focuses on what the Lord is doing through my ministry.  These would include prayer requests, stories, updates on needs, and other items that would help supporters and prayer partners know how to pray for my ministry.

Recently it occurred to me that most of the time these updates were about things that I needed or was struggling with, so this week I have decided to just share praises for God’s blessings in Melbourne.  Its my prayer that they can be an encouragement to you, and the Lord would remind each one of us to focus on His blessings instead of our need.


1.  Praise the Lord for a successful youth and young adults activity at my house last Saturday with ten of our young people, please pray we can continue using these monthly activities as opportunities to invite unsaved friends.

2.  Praise that the Gospel was clearly shared with the children at our Malcolm Creek Mini Show outreach earlier this month as well as their parents.  Pastor Rob Ernst also had the chance to share the Gospel with a deaf woman using sign language for the first time while I taught using the wordless book.

3.  Recently the school where we meet on Sundays approached Pastor Rob about becoming a Chaplain there, a position that focuses on mentoring the students.  This is a huge blessing because we have been praying the Lord would allow us to minister at the school for a long time.

4.  The Lord has allowed me to begin working more at a local school on Wednesdays helping teach two classes instead of one which helps not only the students, but teachers who are in need of assistants.

5.  After talking with representatives from a Christian group that starts Religious Education classes they assured me there is a desperate need for teachers and I should begin teaching at least one class in February 2012

6.  The Lord has blessed our Sunday afternoon sessions on How To Study the Bible at Cornerstone with good attendance and interest from members, please pray that as I do our last session on how to study a book of the Bible that the Lord would help us learn more about His Word.

7.  Praise the Lord for a married couple at Cornerstone who I will begin discipling at least once a month on Saturday evenings.

8.  The Lord has given me chances to befriend and get to know the nurses who work at a Dialysis ward where I volunteer twice a week, I am thankful for these relationships because they allow me to share the Gospel.

9.  There is a possibility of beginning to teach English as Second Language in early 2012, while I praise the Lord for this opportunity I am also praying about whether not its His Will for my life

10.  I thank the Lord for the friendship I have with Josh a fellow tutor at one of my homework tutoring clubs.  He doesn’t know the Lord, but we have already had a few conversations about Christianity and I am praying the Lord would allow me to share the Gospel.

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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