October Prayer Requests

One of my greatest callings as a Missionary is to develop relationships with and witness to the unsaved in my community.  During 2011 I have used various volunteering ministries during the week to do this, and wanted to share with you the names of some unsaved people the Lord has allowed me to befriend.  Please pray with me that they would soon come to know Christ as their Savior.
In Him,

John Wilburn

1.  Pray for Bruce a man who is terminally with cancer and will die very soon.  I met his sister Margaret this week when she came to a health services center asking for food and some other financial help.  Before she left we talked a bit about her brother and I told Margaret I would pray for her, her response to share that both she and Bruce were very religious people.  While it was encouraging to hear this I did not get the chance to clarify whether they actually know Christ as their Savior.  Please pray that I will have the chance to see Margaret or Bruce again and explain the difference between being religious and having a relationship with Jesus.  Also if they haven’t accepted the Lord that they would soon.

2.  Pray for Sarah a nurse at the Dialysis ward where I volunteer.  One of the patients who had been getting weekly treatments for years became blind about a year ago, and while he always has a kind and happy attitude it’s discouraging for some of nurses who knew him when he could see.  Being in a situation where people are constantly becoming weaker and quite a few die can not only discourage those nurses, but develop a heart of resentment towards the Lord.  A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Sarah about how frustrating it is when things that seem unfair (like this man losing his sight) happen and it became clear that she was deeply hurt by the patients becoming blind. While at this time she is just sad the Lord has given me a burden to pray for Sarah that Satan would not use this man’s blindness as an opportunity to close her heart to the Gospel.

3.  Jeanine is another nurse at the Dialysis ward who I have gotten to know quite well since we are both rugby fans.  Yesterday morning during break she and another one of the nurses named Melissa were talking about their religious background while I was making coffees for the patients and I couldn’t help but become involved in the conversation.  Jeanine grew up in the Catholic Church and it made her angry towards Catholicism as well as God because of all the rules that she was forced to obey, and what she viewed as a desire to control women.  Therefore in her mind all religious groups including Christians are about controlling people.  I tried to explain yesterday that there is a true difference between religion that focuses on man working his way up to God, and a relationship with Jesus Christ but we only talked for a short time.  Please pray I will have more opportunities to talk with Jeanine about this and share more of the Gospel.

4.  Josh is a university student who I work with on Tuesday afternoons at a homework tutoring ministry.  Like Jeanine he was very “religious” growing up and has been been part of many different religious groups which later on turned him off to God altogether.  Since studies politics in University we spend some time every week discussing the political news in Australia and America and though I have looked for chances to share Christ with him the opportunity hasn’t come up yet.  Pray that I can continue having these discussions with Josh on Tuesdays and explain the Gospel.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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