ESL Update

Some of you who have been receiving my updates know that last week I had a meeting with an organization that trained volunteers who would teach English as a Second Language.  The meeting itself was frustrating but God used it to give me a better teaching opportunity.  In early 2010 I went through seven weeks of ESL training with a group in Melbourne preparing to teach ESL within my community.

Unfortunately this opportunity never really worked out so about a month ago I got in touch with the people who trained me about the possibility of becoming an ESL tutor with them.  One of their representatives responded by asking me to come by for a meeting.  Traveling into the city last Thursday I was aware that there wasn’t much chance of my volunteering with this group but the fact that they had asked me to come for a meeting was encouraging.

At nine thirty I spoke with a secretary at reception and a few moments later was speaking with the regional coordinator.  She began our meeting by learning a little bit more about me and then shared that there were no openings to teach in the near future.  Most of their clients were female (and of course you would not want them to be taught by males) and there were actually quite a few young men who had been waiting for opportunities to teach ESL as well.

Even though I didn’t really have my hopes up it was still frustrating traveling into the city (around forty-five minutes from my house) for a meeting only to have someone tell me five minutes later that there were no openings.  And sitting there I couldn’t help but think that a simple email or phone call to say they didn’t have any clients would have been much easier than scheduling a meeting that lasted about ten minutes.

Thankfully I was able to keep my emotions in check because the representative did have some good news for me.  It seems that a lot of people from my area had contacted them about being trained as ESL tutors or teaching english and while they were all turned away just like me she was able to connect them with a tafe (community college) that trained volunteer english tutors.

My frustration subsided as I realized she had not just scheduled the meeting to tell me there where no openings but wanted to help me get in contact with an organization that did need tutors.  A quick phone call fifteen minutes later confirmed that there was a great need for ESL teachers at the tafe and I was placed on the list to receive info on their upcoming training session.

Thursdays experience reminded me that life is filled with frustrating experiences that can fuel feelings of anger, resentment.  But many times the Lord uses them for His Glory if we are able to keep those emotions under control.

Because of Who He is,

John Wilburn

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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