My Many Steps of Faith


Last Sunday while preparing for the message about Jonathan’s attack on the Philistines (1 Samuel 14) I couldn’t help but start thinking about my own life story. God challenged him to take small steps of faith such as leaving his father to attack the enemy by himself (14:6-7), stand in front of the enemy where they could see him (14:8), and wait for God’s guidance instead of attacking right away (14:9-10). It was only after taking these and other steps of Faith that God allowed Jonathan to attack the Philistines and win the victory (14:11-14).

This is the way God usually works isn’t it? He takes us from our place of comfort like Jonathan under a pomegranate tree (14:1-2) and calls us to take steps of faith toward the battlefield. Many of those are frightening, uncomfortable, or just plain painful but in the end we see how each step of faith takes us closer to God. Thinking about this reminded me of the steps God challenged me to take from the day I submitted to the call for Missions as a Junior in High School to where I am today. An amazing journey filled with steps of faith that made it feel like I was facing the 6,000 person Philistine army, but like Jonathan I am thankful for every single one.

1993: God calls me to be a missionary as the result of a sermon by Chick Watkins veteran missionary to Africa

1995: Go on a missions trip to New York City where I get involved in open air evangelism ministries

1996: Feel God calling me to become a Church planter in New York as a Sophomore at Bible College

1999: Graduate with undergraduate degree, God takes away the burden to work in New York a month later

1999: God leads me to begin working and for two years have no direction as to what mission field he has called me to

2000: Begin taking classes for a Masters Degree while working at Bible College

2003: Graduate with Masters Degree, become accepted as missionary with Baptist Mid Missions

2004: Visit Melbourne Australia during the month of February, immediately knew this was God’s Will for my life

2004: Retire from the work force in order to raise support full time

2006: Raised support but unable to go since my Permanent Residency visa application is rejected

2007: Come to Melbourne as a full time Missionary on two year religious workers visa

2007: Original ministry plants don’t work out God calls me to get involved in Churches

2009: After working with two Churches during first ministry term the Lord leads me to get involved in new Church plant

2010: Lead Church for six months while pastor is away on furlough

2011: Apply to teach religious education classes and become a chaplain in school system, both applications are rejected

2012: The Lord opens the door to teach not one but two religious education classes in the school system

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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