How to Find Out if Your “That Guy” on Twitter

I love technology and like most men in the world feel it’s my right to have the latest phone, tablet pc, or video game system.  Keep telling friends that these are all “ministry expenses” since they help me communicate with friends and family back home but somehow they aren’t buying it.  Of course this technology does offer amazing communication tools such as access to social media and the ability to send a text message to an iPhone from anywhere in the world.  But at the same time this wealth of communication also presents a challenge because none of us wants to be “that guy”.

Most of us have the friend who became “that guy” (or girl) and started sharing waaaaaaayyyyyy too much of their life on Facebook.  This was slightly annoying but you put up with it since they only wrote five or six status updates a day, and after all they are your friend. Then “that guy” discovered Twitter….and everything changed.

Twitter is the popular form of social media that allows people to send short messages like status updates that are then read by people who follow their posts.  Its makes communicating with people really easy, which unfortunately allows “that guy” to send messages about everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that comes to mind.

I actually respect “that guy” because he is using social media to share thoughts or opinions about important issues; however it often becomes a case of too much information (do I really need to know your eating a ham sandwich?).  The truly sad thing is the person usually doesn’t realize they are the groups “that guy” until friends stage a twitter intervention.  So as a public service and ministry I have created a simple quiz to find out if you’re “that guy.”

1.  When watching a sporting event do you feel its necessary to tweet color commentary?

2. Do you feel the need to tweet victory messages after your team wins the big game while singing “we are the champions” and dancing around the house in your authentic game worn jersey?

3.  Do you send eight tweets or more during your favorite television show?

4.  Have you sent any tweets in the last week that ends with the words “just saying?”

5.  Do you send hashtags that are more than three words long?

6.   Have you tweeted about the weather this week?

7.  When a friend does something embarrassing is your first thought, “I have to tweet about this?”

8.  Have you ever tweeted during Church?

9.  When your hear a bird chirping does it make you reach for your phone?

10. If an incoming tweet wakes you up in the middle of the night do you read it?

11.  Do people know the songs you where listening to before work, during work, and on the way home?

12.  Have you ever sent a tweet to someone in the same room?

13.  Do you send more than one tweet a day linked to your blog?  Editors Note:  Yes

So how did you do?  Finding your score is easy, just count up the number of questions you answered “yes” to and check to see if your “that guy” or not.  Need help with your twitter intervention?  Feel free to use a break up letter I wrote for too many tweets guy.  I know there are many more questions that could be added, feel free to add them below and will give you a shout out…on twitter of course

1 to 3 Questions:  Good news you’re not “that guy”!  Bad news, “that guy” probably makes fun of you

4 to 5 Questions:  May be time to put the phone down

6 to 7 Questions:  I am serious mate put the phone down

8 to 9 Questions:  Time to take a break from Twitter….after tweeting about it

10 to 11 Questions:  Your conversations are broken down into 140 character statements

12  to 13:  Time to admit it…your “that guy”

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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