The Dreams That Fill My Heart

I have always been a dreamer God just sort of made me that way.  As a kid I was the one who was happy to sit in the corner by himself and read a book while everyone else played and imagine himself in those adventures.  Eventually those imaginary adventures became specific goals or dreams in my heart, but most of them died there since they seemed impossible to accomplish.

Today for some reason I feel the Lord leading me to share some of those dreams with those who read my blog posts and ministry updates.  The first are short term with the upcoming 2012 2013 furlough, while later ones fall into the “are you insane?”  category.  Its my prayer that these goals can help you pray in a specific way about my needs, give advice, or even help me accomplish some of those dreams God gave me.

Tomorrow I will write a post that’s funny or uplifting, today this is something unedited and real.  Maybe that’s why God is leading me to share these thoughts…sometimes we just have to share whats on our hearts.

1.  Schedule forty meetings during my 2012/2013 furlough

2. Gain eight new Churches who support me for at least $50 a month

3.  Gain ten new individuals who will support my ministry for $25 a month

4.  Take Counseling classes online that will prepare me to become a Chaplain and begin counseling children in the Australian school system using the Truths of Scripture.

5.  Get a Certificate IV (ten to fifteen classes) in education so I can continue ministering in the schools if Chaplaincy and Religious Education classes are eliminated

6.  Raise the amount of additional support needed to receive a permanent residency visa and reapply for a PR

7.  Volunteer with schools after school program while on furlough

8.  Run a marathon with my brother in October 2013

9.  Create a strong relationship with my prayer supporters and partners in ministry through email, social media, and my blog

10.  Put together a series of small group Bible Studies that can be used to disciple youth and young adults in the Craigieburn area

11.  Launch a ministry that uses my home as a “refuge” for young people who don’t have a positive family environment centered on activities, fellowship, hospitality (food), and counseling

12.  Plant a Church in the area of Craigieburn that reaches youth and young adults who have been neglected by society

13.   Begin mentoring children from the nearby low-income housing area…and someday possibly adopt one

14.  Start teaching Bible College level classes to those who feel called to ministry

15.  Write a book encouraging Approval Addicts like myself to break free from their addiction to the love of others

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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