Becoming A Partner

Last Wednesday I wrote a post about how to raise support by focusing on relationships with people instead of the financial problem.  Part of this is finding individuals who have a strong burden for your ministry, similar interests, or just want to know more about what the Lord is doing.  They would become “partners” in your ministry; or people who you have a close relationship with based on regular communication.

Missionaries should communicate with all their prayer supporters but it’s difficult to communicate regularly (more than once a week) with 150 to 200 people.  This is frustrating for me because I am responsible to create real relationships with those praying for my ministry. Partners give opportunities for that relationship of close connection, so finding individuals who are interested in joining with me  is a big focus in my ministry.

Some of you may be a bit confused as to what  responsibilities of a ministry partner are so I have listed below some ideas about what it does, and doesn’t mean….


Being a Partner Means:

  • You would get information about personal needs such as financial support level and prayer requests that wouldn’t be shared on the website
  • Partners receive in-depth ministry updates that give more detail than those on the site
  • I will do everything in my power to communicate with every Partner personally at least twice a week
  • In times of decision-making after seeking the Lords Will and those of my mentors in ministry, Partners will be approached for advice or helpful insight
  • Partnership revolves around a relationship of ministering to one I look forward to encouraging partners, praying for their needs, giving advice when necessary, and answering questions about the ministry in Australia, or helping in any other way.

Being a Partner Doesn’t Mean:

  • You financially support my ministry
  • You have to wear a T-shirt with TEAM JB written on the front
  • I have permission to come over to your house and borrow a cup of sugar
  • You will receive any email forward that has a monkey, cat, or baby in it
  • I will call you at 3:00 am and ask if your refrigerator is running
  • You have to learn the top-secret handshake


2011 and 2012 have taught me ministry is best done within a community or group of people and doing everything by yourself is destined to fail.  It’s through this lesson that the idea for ministry partners was born.  I honestly don’t expect to have hundreds of people interested in becoming part of this relationship but that’s the point…this kind of communication can only take place with a smaller group.

If you want to become a ministry partner its easy, just send me your email address.  This can be done through facebook (by private message please) twitter or sending an email message to, you can also include it as a comment to this post.  After I receive the email you just need to send me a vial of your own blood and we are set!  Editors note:  Please don’t send me a vial of your blood.

Don’t have the time, energy, or patience to be a partner?  Please pray that I can develop these close relationships and someday all those who have an interest in my ministry will be partners.

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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