Where I am Taking My Mom and Dad

In honor of my parents coming to visit next Wednesday (only five days left!)  I wanted to list some of the cool sights we will be visiting in Melbourne.  There will be lots of other activities during their stay of course;  will take a long time for mom to cook, clean, do laundry, iron my shirts, and cut the grass  (just kidding mom, you don’t have to cut the grass).

I am really excited about showing them the beautiful city that God has called me to and sharing with some of you the sights of Melbourne.

1.  Queen Victoria Market:  Open air market for all your authentic Australian souvenirs to take home

2.  Miss Marples Tea Room:  Now I know going to a “tea room” sounds very unmanly  but believe me gentleman, the cakes here are well worth the embarrassment of drinking tea out of china cups with your pinkie sticking out.

3.  Pie in the Sky:  This is a restaurant that does lots of variations on the classic Australian meat pie and is known as offering the best pie’s in all of Australia.  The fact that its close to Miss Marples is an added bonus since eating a huge meat pie makes you forget the tea in china cups.

4.  Healesville Sanctuary:  To those of you who want that picture of yourself feeding a kangaroo (I am looking at you mom!) this is one of the best places to go.  Roos there are totally domesticated so they will literally walk right up to you and eat out of your hand.  The sanctuary also allows you to have a picture taken with a Koala to impress friends back home.

5.  Werribee Open Range Zoo:  For a totally different experience visit the only night-time zoo in Melbourne which also allows a person to see animals in their natural habitat.  Very fun to visit here because it feels just like a jungle safari

6.  The Twelve Apostles:  This gorgeous view of the ocean was named after twelve large stones that could originally be seen..today there are only three left but it’s still one of the most breathtaking views in Melbourne.

7.  The Great Ocean Road:  Awesome drive along the coastline of Melbourne, an absolute necessity for those who want pictures of the Australian coast.  And great for swimming, but definitely not in the winter.

8.  Royal Botanical Gardens:  Short tram ride from the Central Business District, definitely worth the time to walk through and see some of the flowers and plants which are indigenous to Australia.  Beautiful vegetation and trees make an awesome backdrop for group pictures as well

9.  Flinders Street Station: The oldest train station in Melbourne (built in 1910) and at the heart of the cities Central Business District.  Worth a visit just to watch all people from almost every Nationality walk through the station.  However you don’t want to go there while people are going to work or coming back from work…trust me.

10.  Melbourne Cricket Ground:  The MCG (or just the G for short) is home for all the big Aussie rules football games.  It’s an absolute imperative that people visiting Melbourne attend a footy game since nothing else would allow them to learn more about the Aussie culture.  But do yourself a favour, don’t go if Collingwood is playing.

11.  Chinatown:  One of the things I truly love about Melbourne is how many cultures you can find in one place.  Chinatown is an interesting illustration of this as part of the city is dedicated to the Asian culture with food, entertainment, art, and history.

12.  Mount Dandenong:  Drive a few hours outside the city and you will arrive in Mount Dandenong a country area which has breathtaking views and some wonderful bed and breakfasts for an overnight stay.  Though it’s very cold during the winter the pictures you get will make any discomfort worth it.

13.  Brunetti’s:  It’s impossible to visit Melbourne without stopping at one of our many cafe’s but the majority of people will tell you if a person can only visit one it should be Brunetti’s.  Even if you don’t drink coffee they have amazing cakes, hot chocolate, and cold drinks so there is something for everyone.  But seriously if you go Brunetti’s and don’t have a coffee there is something wrong with you.

14.  The American Store:  For those American’s who just crave the food they get back home the American store is there to help, as long as your willing to pay $12 for a box of Lucky Charms

Well that’s about it for sights in Melbourne, will make sure to start a journal of my death-defying adventures with mom and dad when they arrive next week.  And if anyone is interested in visiting Melbourne I will be happy to give you a place to crash…just make sure you can cook.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

2 thoughts on “Where I am Taking My Mom and Dad”

  1. Haven’t been to Healesville, but Ballarat Wildlife is really good for petting roos and getting those pics! Might be a bit closer as well – plus Ballarat is a gold mining town and worth poking through on its own!

  2. Hate to break it to you, but there’s closer to 7 of the 12 Apostles still standing. I’d suggest an MCG tour rather than just a footy match.

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