Ministry Praises

Dear Friends,

The last ten days have been an amazing experience as the Lord has blessed and provided for me in awesome ways.  Like most Missionaries I have a prayer request list a mile long but today just want to share with you some of the things God has done and praise Him for His goodness.  Next week an in-depth post describing some of my specific requests will be on the site, appreciate your prayers as I seek the Lord’s wisdom while writing it.

1.  The Lord gave me a huge encouragement during the first day calling pastors about meetings in the 2013 year as two scheduled opportunities to come and share my burden and a third did so later in the week.  Contacting Churches is a boring (and discouraging) part of ministry so it was really a blessing to see the Lord work in such a huge way.

2.  God has blessed by allowing me to develop relationships with many Churches over the years that results in not only getting meetings but their communicating with me as well.  During my eight-mile run Tuesday (just had to put that in there) two pastors called me back to schedule meetings.  Since Churches are incredibly busy it’s almost impossible to get one pastor to return a phone call; much less two within fifteen minutes of each other!

3.  Since Pastors are so busy its necessary to communicate with them in any way possible, which definitely includes email.  The problem is the long to-do list keeps them from reading emails or responding to them.  That’s why I praise God for a phone call from the Church I emailed yesterday about scheduling something next year and the pastor who even before I called him agreed to let me share my ministry

4.  One of the main rules in scheduling meetings is always work at least three months in advance (four or five at best) so even though the Lord was leading me to fill every Sunday between the beginning of October and the end of November (except Thanksgiving weekend) I didn’t have much faith.  Then a supporting pastor this week agreed to let me come in the month of October to give a brief update….in less than four weeks.

It’s a blessing to see God take what seemed impossible and work it out for His glory; only one more Sunday till my goal is filled.  By the way, if anyone is interested in having a missionary at their Church the Sunday before Thanksgiving I am your man!

5.  My biggest challenge is raising the amount of support necessary to move forward in ministry (more on that next week) and God has been incredibly gracious in providing for that as well.  About a week ago one of my financial supporters approached and asked how he could raise the amount that he gave.  I thank God for His sacrificial giving towards my ministry.

6.  My mother had serious back surgery about three weeks ago and though there is still pain she is getting stronger every day and shows dramatic improvement.  Wednesday I came home to find her cleaning and knew that she was getting back to her old self, which is definitely a praise.

7.  Yesterday I met with a young man who is running a Wedding video business but has a burden to help Missionaries create ministry presentation videos.  I had begun praying for someone who could put a professional touch to my presentation while still in Australia and it wasn’t a week before He answered it with this small business owner.  It’s so encouraging to know I will have a video that isn’t just professional but also clearly shares my burden for the people of Australia.

There are many other things the Lord has done for me in the last ten days but more than anything else I am grateful for these encouraging moments because they remind me I am in the centre of God’s Will for my life.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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