What Marathon Training Has Taught Me

In late June I started training for a marathon which will be held two weeks from today, and since that time have run approximately 370 total miles.  This began as a personal challenge to myself and keeping a promise to my brother Michael to run it with him during my next furlough.  However over the last four months the Lord has used the many miles of training to teach me things about myself and how to be successful in the race of life or ministry.

A lot of these lessons have been shared as blog updates since mid-July but I wanted to share them in an organized fashion.  May you take the lessons God has taught me through my training and experience their blessing without having to run 370 miles.

1.  That run which was incredibly easy today may be the most painful experience of your life tomorrow

2.  You will fall during a run and end up with a bruise on your face that looks like it came from a bar fight

3.  Dont promise your younger brother that you will run a Marathon with him the next time you come to the States thinking he will forget…he won’t forget

4.  Listening to Eye of The Tiger and singing along loudly will not motivate you

5.  There must be a motivation other than emotion:  You won’t always feel like training

6.  Understand the importance of rest days and give your body a break

7.  The run that almost kills you will get easier eventually

8.  Don’t think about all the future training you have to complete, just focus on today

9.  There will be days when you quit, learn from them

10.  Don’t become satisfied with what you’re doing, continue to push forward and get stronger

11.  Don’t allow yourself to get into a rut, it will make you weaker once pushed out of the comfort zone

12.  Have a system that helps you grow slowly over time

13.  Having the proper tools makes a huge difference

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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