What I Love About America

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the things I miss from Melbourne and wanted to follow that up with a list of things I have been able to experience again in America (and make my Aussie friends jealous).

It is strange having my heart in two different places (the place I was born and the place God has called me to) but there is encouragement in the fact that the Lord has truly placed a love in my heart for both.

What I love about America 

1.  There is such a thing as free refills

2.  McDonalds sells value meals starting with the medium size french fries

3.  Wal-Mart…and being able to drink my precious Diet Dr. Thunder again

4.  Starbucks on every corner

5.  Brand new video games sell for $50

6.  Nobody makes fun of my accent (okay less people make fun of my accent)

7. Being able to watch four college football games at the same time Saturday night

8.  You can pay at the pump for gas/fuel

9.  When you talk about sausage gravy people don’t give you a confused look

10.  Bojangles, Wendy’s, Hardees, Arby’s, and Taco Bell (none of them in Australia)

11.  People smile when you jog by them on the nature trails

12.  The Sunday night NFL game actually comes on SUNDAY NIGHT (instead of Monday with the time difference)

13.  Real Krispy Kreme Doughnuts:  not the frozen dough ones in Melbourne which don’t deserve to bear the Krispy Kreme name

14.  I represent the Nation of Australia in the eyes of most people:  very scary

15.  Amazon does their free shipping here

16.  Netflix…Will have serious withdraw symptoms when I go back to Melbourne

17.  You will frequently be called honey (hun for short)

18.  $5.50 movie tickets (and $1.50 popcorn or drink once a week)

19.  American Sports Talk Radio

20.  Andy Griffith reruns

So there you have it folks; if your interested in eating fatty foods, going to the movies, watching TV, or catching the latest game then yall come on down to America.



Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

3 thoughts on “What I Love About America”

  1. I disagree sir with your premise that Aussies would come to America for your cheap baubles. I will proceed to rip apart your blog with witty banter. Followed by a summary.

    #1. You can get free refills at Hungry Jacks and Subway.

    #2. Macdonalds is disgusting anyway, if you want a real meal Hungry Jacks.(Ultimate Double Whopper)

    #3. I have seen the website “People of Walmart”, You can keep it. (Although walking into a Kmart or Target and buying a Glock 9 off the shelf would be awesome followed by some powertools and a pair of jeans)

    #4. America doesn’t make real coffee and you know it.

    #5. Granted, no response

    #6. at least you won’t get called Canadian with that accent. Dad does all the time.

    #7. Each to their own, you should get involved in your local Footy team or Basketball League. Then you’ll see 25-30 games a weekend

    #8. For this I would move, simply because you pay $1.50 per GALLON not LITRE. $6 a gallon for us poor Aussies

    #9. Huh?

    #10. Wendies and Arbies I miss, I have found a better version of Taco Bell, its called Detour. Get on it

    #11. Too busy swatting flies and watching for dangerous animals mate.

    #12. Too busy watching Sunday Night AFL (or going to church)


    #14. Ughhh….. Right

    #15. Valid point 3

    #16. Don’t know what it is so can’t miss it.

    #17. I have Southern grandparents, II still get it all the time.

    #18. Nice….Valid Point 4

    #19. Triple M…….Hot Breakfast Show……Eddie Macguire…….need I say more

    #20. Foxtel….or boxsets

    So you might have had some valid points, not saying you won or anything but cheap fuel speaks to my heart. A few things you might have mentioned to turn us around to immagrating to your country would be.

    #1. NO Melbourne Weather…..weather is actually consistent

    #2. Free Fuel (comparatively)

    #3. BIg Trucks everywhere (everybody has at least two F650 duellies with one F250 for the 15yo to learn to drive in.

    #4. CHEAP Corvette, Mustang, Challenger, Camaro, Charger, Lambo’s, Ferrari,……….

    #5. Huge Flat Straight Roads (Route 66)

    #6. Everyone thinks that we all live like Steve Irwin…and we are fine with that

    #7. The beautiful tranquil country…….ours is a bit burnt a bit dangerous and a bit scary most times.

    #8. Arbies, Wendies, Big Boys, Skyline Chilli, and a dozen other amazing places to eat.

    1. Thanks for your input mate..after reading I would probably have to agree on most of your points. Still don’t think Aussies would come to the States (need to be careful about my sarcasm on Facebook) but wanted to write a post to go along with one I wrote a few weeks ago about what I missed from Australia

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