How I Know God Has a Sense of Humour

960948_boys_getting_tickled_3Sometimes we wonder if God actually has a sense of humor, well after this week I can absolutely guarantee you that he does.  Now this doesn’t mean the Lord is a practical joker who loves putting banana peels on the floor so people will slip and fall, He won’t put a bucket of water above the door so you get soaked when it opens, don’t worry about God putting salt in the sugar container.  His sense of humor doesn’t have to do with practical jokes but putting us in a situation that clearly reveals our weaknesses so that we rely on Him more.

A few weeks ago I began mentoring a young man (we will call him Timothy) who is a senior in High School but struggles with his grades.  We meet once a week to talk about life, college, future goals, and how I can help him achieve those goals.  This week having gotten through the awkward stage were we didn’t truly know each other Timothy started opening up and talking a lot about what he wanted to do in the future.  As he answered the questions I just smiled because it was like looking at an exact replica of myself in High School.

Timothy explained his study method for tests and quizzes that consisted of cramming the morning of it, and when I asked why he didn’t study before that morning his response was it kept the information “fresh in his mind.”  Later on I learned that he had the remarkable ability of being able to hold a conversation with other people and take good notes at the same time! However this amazing note taking system failed as the math problem he completely understood while the teacher was working on the board was wiped from his memory as it was erased from the chalkboard.

It was hard to keep from laughing since I told my parents the same thing in 1995 as a senior in High School (yes I know that was a long time ago) and assured them that cramming the morning of the test and not really taking notes method would work in College (it didn’t).  Really enjoyed giving him the same speech my parents gave me as a High School Senior, being careful to use myself as a personal illustration that the High School method definitely did not work in College.

Yesterday I was teaching an English student named Carlos some basic pronunciation skills; such as words with one e (like egg) make one sound and words with two e’s (like feet) sound different, and an ea makes the same sound as a long e (like meat).  Towards the end of the class he was able to pronounce words correctly but couldn’t help but find it funny that God had sent someone who struggles with grammar (myself) to teach complex pronunciation rules…somewhere my High School English Teacher is laughing hysterically.

You see God’s sense of humor involves putting us in situations that we aren’t gifted in or comfortable with, but it isn’t done in anger or to cause humiliation.  Instead it illustrates that the Lord’s plans many times aren’t our own; There were a lot of other things I would feel more confident doing than teaching a High School Senior to become organized when I still struggle with organisation, or teaching English when my brother pointed out the word “ain’t” is still prominently used in my vocabulary over Thanksgiving.  But the Lord puts us in these situations so the Glory cannot come to us, but Him.  And when in these God’s humor experiences we should just laugh at them…because I am sure that’s what he is doing.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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