Dear Cash Shake Guy

911615_shaking_handsAsk almost any Missionary what a “cash shake” is and they will be able to vividly explain this experience which involves someone putting money in their hand and then during the handshake discreetly transferring it from theirs to yours.

The cash shake has been used by Missionaries to purchase gas, food, and other important items for generations as the Lord provides for our needs in a practical way.  However lately I have been receiving a lot of cash shakes at Churches and it has begun to convict me about others who would need that money more than myself.

This has led me to write a letter of thanks to those cash shake individuals for their generosity and explaining to them how the Lord has helped me minister to others with that money.

Dear Friend,

Sorry I forgot your name, it’s kind of hard to remember everyone I speak with at Churches, especially since most services only last about an hour.  Wanted to say thanks for helping my ministry in such a practical way by offering cash to pay for things like fuel and food.  You truly honoured the Lord instead of yourself by not making a big deal about it but giving it to me in a way that nobody else knew it was being done.  I pray God would bless your life because of this gracious gift.

Actually the money isn’t with me anymore, I decided to continue your cash shake tradition and give it to one of my English students (a young man we will name George).  He and his wife like many immigrants in the United States don’t have much money and struggle to live off his income.

A few weeks ago we were talking about Christmas and George told me he didn’t really like the Christmas holidays.  When I asked him why he started rubbing his fingers together (the international sign for money) and said it was too expensive.  That conversation stuck in my mind and suddenly I became convicted over spending the cash you had so graciously given on my own needs.

It was then and there I decided to become the cash shake guy…the one who finds those who are genuinely in need (I am aware that some people say they are in need but just want to get money) and in a quiet way gives a handful of bills to help them.

Yesterday I was able to give George the money you handed me a few Sundays ago (don’t worry, will start giving out my money soon).  The expression on his face and excitement in his eyes was well worth the small amount I handed him.

As George hugged me goodbye I began praying that God would allow me to find others who need a cash shake, and more than that they would begin giving money in the same way to others.  So that together we would be able to change the world…one cash shake at a time.

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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