What I Loved Writing in 2012


It was almost three years ago when I launched the blog australianmissionary.com as a way to create a real relationship between myself and those who wanted to learn more about my ministry.  Since then the site has been a great source or encouragement and wonderful tool of ministry but that’s been especially true during 2012 when it experienced explosive growth (if by that you mean averaging 13 hits a day).

The number of visits isn’t truly important because the Lord has allowed me to share truths about myself with prayer supporters and close friends more this year than ever before which is the main point of my writing.  Unfortunately many of us (myself included) buy into the idea that Missionaries or Ministers are a combination of Rambo, Chuck Norris, and Indiana Jones and this honestly isn’t always the case.

We struggle with discouragement, fear, anxiety, and at times don’t really feel the presence of God in our lives.  Yet in the midst of that pain the Lord is always encouraging and strengthening us for future ministry.  As I prepare to begin another year of sharing the whole picture of Missions (the good, bad, and ugly experiences) thought it would be a good idea to share some of the post’s I enjoyed writing the most this year….may they be an encouragement to your heart.

1.  Dear Yoda:  A fictional letter I wrote to my dog with tears in my eyes the day before giving him to a new family since I was coming home on furlough

2.  My Apology to The Nation of Australia:  The most popular post of 2012 by far (got seventy-two hits that day) which is probably due to the fact this is one of my most sarcastic posts of the year.

3.  How to Become a Silly Uncle:  A more recent post on the joys of being the Silly Uncle for my niece and nephew

4.  Dispelling Australian Myths:  As an American living in Australia one of the things I love doing is explaining how the popular beliefs about the Aussie culture have nothing to do with real life.

5.  A Trip to the Australian Grocery Store:  My mother’s favorite blog post this year, which I added to the list since she reads my blog at least once every day (thanks Mom!)

6.  When Marshmallow John Becomes Mean John:  A post that accompanies an earlier one describing myself as a Marshmallow Missionary and explains why there must be a balance between compassion and discipline or structure when dealing with children in ministry

7.  What the Girl Truck Experience taught me about the Aussie Culture:  The one experience that taught me more about the Australian culture than any other and I use constantly to explain differences between the American and Australian way of life

8.  Approval Addicts Overreact to Disapproval (from Archives): The original version of this post was written in late 2011 but it still rates as one of my most popular posts and is meaningful to me as a recovering Approval Addict

9.  How Not to Raise New Missionary Support:  Describes the fact that although in today’s economy every Missionary is struggling financially our way of raising new support is terribly flawed because it relies on us and our strength, followed up by a post with ideas on how to raise support  

10.  What Australia Has that America Never Will:  On this list just because there is a package of Tim Tams in the post

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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