How I Raised at least $75 of Support in a Embarrassing Myself

1384589_brown_envelope_money_bribe_1Last Tuesday I wrote a blog post describing my financial needs in ministry  and plans to return to Melbourne Australia in early 2014.  To be honest it was really hard for me to share at least $800 of new financial support each month would need to be raised, and without special help I will no longer be able to enter Australia without a Permanent Visa.  This doesn’t make me a failure but talking about serious needs is still quite embarrassing, none of us like to reveal areas of weakness in our lives because our stupid pride get’s in the way.

But the last seven days have taught me it’s well worth experiencing a few minutes of humiliation because through that God brings His blessing.

In October I began the Twenty-Five/$20 Project which meant praying God would provide twenty-five people willing to support my ministry for $20 each month.  This would raise more than half of the new financial support needed ($500) and allow me to begin the application process for a Permanent Residency Visa which takes six months.

Following Tuesdays (January 1) blog post about my need two friends who I went to High School with contacted me about how they could begin supporting my ministry, one of them confirmed this was something the Lord would have him do, while the second is seriously considering it.  It amazed me how the Lord provided what will probably be $50 a month in one day when $200 had been raised in that last three months.

What made the difference?  I endured the feeling of humiliation and faithfully shared my needs allowing God to provide in an incredible way.

This weekend after a few weeks break I was presenting my ministry at a local Church and decided to make some big changes to my ministry presentation.  Before the financial needs and Visa situation would be  shared as quickly as possible towards the end (because of how it made me feel) but Sunday I chose instead to step aside and taken seven minutes describing in detail the challenges that faced my ministry.  As a result an individual at the Church became a financial supporter, as well as a friend at my home Church who I had shared my needs with a few weeks ago.

It is possible to go overboard with sharing needs which leads to selling ministry as if it’s a set of steak knives on a late night infomercial.  That along with the embarrassment of my huge challenge and the look on people’s faces when they say “how much do you need?” resulted in sort of keeping those financial issues secret.  Satan loves to take that small amount of embarrassment we feel and overwhelm us with it; making it seem as if we are a massive failure.

But here is what he doesn’t want you to know, God uses those humiliating experiences to share our needs with Believers who truly care about us and provide for our needs.  Eventually that feeling we avoid like at all costs will be viewed as another opportunity for God to show His awesome power.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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