A Thank You Letter to My Campers


After an amazingly fast five days I said goodbye to the kids at Merriwood Christian Camp where I had the privilege of being their speaker this week.  The Lord truly used the Junior age campers to encourage me and make a great impact upon my life so I wanted to write them a short letter of thanks.  Since we are dealing with children no names will be used..but thats okay…they know who they are.

Dear Campers,

This has been one of the most exhausting but gratifying weeks of my entire life.  Wish I could sit down and thank every one of you personally for being such an encouragement to me, but that would take way too long..so I put it on the blog instead.  I pray that God will always be a source of strength and we will see each other soon.

Love you Guys,


1.  Thanks for giving me twix bars three times a day after I told someone it was my favorite candy bar

2.  Thanks for doing the Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi chant with me

3.  Thanks for signing Kev my inflatable Kangaroo

4.  Thanks for allowing me to introduce you to Diet Dr. Thunder…the greatest drink in the entire world

5.  Thanks for letting me play dodgeball with you, and not laughing when I was the first one out

6.  Thanks guys for letting me lay the smackdown on you in the pool (actually I would have laid the smackdown on you anyway but thanks for letting me)

7.  Thank you girls for pouring cups of water on my head (I was really hot)

8.  Thank you for agreeing with me that Diet Dr Thunder is the greatest drink in the world

9.  Thanks for not only listening to my messages but answering questions I asked during them

10.  Thanks for ganging up on me in the pool guys so I could lay the smackdown on everyone at once

11.  Thanks for asking me so many questions about the Bible and God

12.  Thanks for making me a duct tape and cardboard cup in honor of Diet Dr. Thunder the…well you know what it is



13.  Thanks to some of the guys who become part of Team Smackdown during the pool time

14.  Thanks for letting me carry your stuffed duck named Dave around my neck because it made me look “awesome”

15.  Thanks for racing me from the canteen to the cafeteria (Still say you guys cheated)

16.  Thanks for all high fives, fist bumps, and always saying hey Mr. John (I felt like a rock star)

17.  Thanks for hugging me goodbye

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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