Goodbye Kev Jr…


This Friday will be a sad one in the Wilburn household as a third inflatable kangaroo will arrive to be used as tool in my ministry.  Shortly before leaving Melbourne the first time some friends presented me with a large kangaroo named Kev and encouraged me to take him to Churches I visited during furlough.  This created the tradition of children who were good (and some not so good) being able to sign their name on Kev with permanent marker, one that was continued when Kev Jr became a part of our family after his father began suffering from a slow air leak.

According to Amazon Kev III should arrive in two days so with your permission I would like to write a brief letter thanking Kev Jr. for nine months of faithful service.

Dear Kev Jr,

I can still remember the day in early September when after looking through the garage one last time it became clear your father Kev Sr. had been thrown away  (editors note-actually Kev Sr. was eventually found, but was unable to be used) and I came to grips with the fact that he would have to be replaced

The idea of  getting a Kev Jr was kind of hard for me since your father was a gift from Australian friends so there was sentimental value…but a week later when you arrived I knew we were going to have some great times together.  And we did make some awesome memories

Like seeing the looks on kids faces when I brought you into Church after the display board and materials had been set up…you always came into the Church last.

Like the time a teenager positioned you in the car so that you could be seen just over my right shoulder


2013-01-30 09.30.25
Like the time a little girl asked permission to write her mothers name on you and later on I found this

Or the fourth grade history class who tried to act like they were too cool to sign a kangaroo (they weren’t)


















Or all the times children asked to have their picture taken with you


More than anything else you where a way for me to connect with people in Churches and lay the foundation for a relationship with them.  It’s really hard to do that when I’m only visiting for one to two hours so having a large inflatable kangaroo at the display table allows me to have conversations with people, send them email updates, and share more about the Spiritual need in Melbourne. 


Yes you have been replaced buddy, I didn’t really have a choice since after camp there is almost no room left on your body for little children to sign.  It wouldn’t be fair to deprive other kids of the awesome experience of signing an inflatable kangaroo, so Kev III is on his way.  Don’t worry I will make sure to tell him about his father and grandfather, and make sure he continues the tradition of sharing the need for Australians to hear the Gospel.  Oh and I will make sure always bring in him in last.

Love You Buddy,


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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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