Big Changes Coming in 2014!

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Dearest Friends,

When I started this blog four years ago (seriously doesn’t seem like it’s been that long!) it was focused on sharing with prayer supporters what’s going on in my ministry, in particular to share all sides of whats happening (the good, bad, and yes even the ugly).  It’s been an incredible blessing to have a place like to share my heart with you on the good and bad days.

During 2014 The Lord is leading me to make some serious changes with the sites vision however so sharing ministry updates will no longer be it’s main emphasis.  Don’t worry I will still share stuff on here from time to time, there just isn’t enough going in my furlough ministry to write four or five posts a week (which I believe God wants me to do).  So instead of the blog posts I’m going to emphasize communicating with Social Media (things like Facebook, and Twitter) which in the long-run is better since it creates a relationship between us built upon communication…and that’s what the blog was meant for in the first place!

So what’s going to happen to  I am going to start using it as a teaching tool that applies the Gospel (I am referring here to the theme of all Scripture; Man’s Failure to live a Holy life and God’s Redemption in Christ) to struggles we see in the world today, as I like to call it brokenness (yes that is a word you can google it if you don’t believe me). 

 The Lord has allowed me to become involved in some amazing ministries this year; teaching three English students twice a week, mentoring two-high school Seniors, covering the front desk at an Autism center, one on one computer tutoring, teaching in an after school Bible program with kindergarteners and first graders, and helping at a food pantry that meets the needs of those in my community.  It’s true these opportunities are amazing but most of the time I’m not able to minster to the brokenness (spiritual need) of those that ministry touches because almost all of these outreaches are only done once a week, and in most cases it lasts less than two-hours.

It’s my desire that this blog can become a place where those who I have developed a relationship with can come to understand their brokenness, and the hope that they have in Christ.

The end goal is to start having one on one Bible Studies with individuals who I connect with in these ministries but that begins with the website.  Please pray that The Lord would give me wisdom in what to say and the truth to write it in a way that clearly shares the Gospel, and feel free to join me as we enter into a broken world with the Light of Christ.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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