Confessions of a Missionary: I Don’t Get Hate Mail


As the week of Christmas begins, I with many of you will start thinking about goals or “resolutions” for next year. 2014 looks like it’s going to be pretty interesting because the Lord is leading me to make a very uncomfortable one this year.

Along with the normal goals; lose weight, get more organized, and stop procrastinating so much, is the desire to start getting hate mail.

For the last four years God has allowed me to write blog posts for, it’s been an incredible blessing being able to share ministry updates using the website, however it occurred to me lately that nothing written on it deals with controversial issues using Scripture.

In a way that’s because the blog was meant to share updates on what the Lord is doing in Melbourne, but the real reason is I’m afraid to write about cultural challenges from a Biblical worldview since doing so would open me up to criticism from Unbelievers and other Religions.

To be honest it’s a lot easier to share my stories than put myself on the front lines of a battle.

The Lord’s conviction about this led me to write a brief post on Thursday morning explaining why Christians are so angry about A&E suspending Phil Robertson for things he said in a recent interview. My point was individuals say all kinds of things to me and other Christians excusing it with the fact that they have freedom of speech, yet Christians aren’t allowed to have that same liberty.

I cannot thank everyone enough who took the time to read my article and give their input about it. Yet there is still something that bothers me about the situation…when given the chance to share my post I did so on Facebook (filled with Christian friends who would agree with my views) but refused to share it on twitter, or other social media sites were it could be picked up by those not agreeing with my beliefs.

Of course having the courage to write something that people may disagree with does take courage, yet God is challenging my heart to take the next step by using as a teaching tool that will apply the Gospel of Christ to the brokenness of this world. By doing this I will open myself up for hate mail, criticism, and countless questions about God but it’s worth it. The time has come for Christians (myself included) to use our presence online to share the truths of Scripture boldly instead of focusing attention upon ourselves.

We can try to avoid the criticism or anger of the unsaved all we want, but the truth is this kind of suffering through things like hate mail is inevitable for those who follow Christ. Instead of trying to hide from the hostility of the unsaved it is our responsibility to face that suffering well. May God give me the courage to face rejection with Grace and Humility.

If we want to love our cities well, we must learn to suffer well, believing the good news that because of Jesus’ suffering, we now have purpose in this life as well as the assurance of a life far removed from the suffering of this world.

Patrick, Darrin; Carter, Matt (2011-05-03). For the City: Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel (Exponential Series) (p. 146). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Missionary: I Don’t Get Hate Mail”

  1. It’s honestly my opinion that there’s little to be gained from debating homosexuality and gay marriage on twitter. I think everyone who’s interested knows what the Biblical perspective is – from there it’s a reality that many people reject the Bible.

    In general though, great idea. My only concern would be related to the above, how many people enter into discussion on twitter ( etc) keen on rational discussion and learning, As opposed to name calling and criticism?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Heath. I agree that name calling online is a terrible thing, and shows a lack of courage since individuals will rarely say those things to someone’s face.

      My goal is to look at the culture from a Biblical Worldview and explain the Gospel. People won’t agree with me but that’s okay, the calling is to simply give a Christian perspective. Thanks again for pointing out something Christians do way too much on social media

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