The Fall of Morality…Laws

One of the more interesting news items in recent weeks deals with “Morality Laws.” These are court decisions that prohibit certain kinds of marriages (same-sex in particular) and in recent months have been declared unconstitutional by many courts.

On a personal note let me say that I as a Bible Believing Christian am totally against same-sex marriage because it directly contradicts the teachings of Scripture. However I am also against the attitude of anger and hatred that some Christians have towards those in the GLBT community, they are sinners in great need of Christ, but the same is true for all of us before accepting Jesus.

The majority of people have celebrated the fall of these Morality Laws. One of the most energetic participants is a lawyer named Jonathan Turley who wrote an article praising it in the Washington Post. He has special reason for doing this because Mr. Turley is lead counsel in the “Sister Wives” Polygamy case, and the article was written seven days after a court decision struck down the criminalization of Polygamy in Utah.

In his article Mr. Turley describes the decision as, “One of the latest examples of a national trend away from laws that impose a moral code.” It’s clear this hostility towards our Morality Laws comes from the fact that its viewed as Government sanctioned Morality.

This thought is also expressed by Judge Clark Waddoups, who after ending the law banning Polygamy stated courts today, “Are less inclined to allow majoritarian coercion of unpopular or disliked minority groups, especially when blatant racism, religious prejudice, or some other constitutionally suspect motivation, can be discovered behind such legislation.

In basic terms they are calling Morality Laws bullying tactics used by Churches, Religious Groups, or other organizations to make people live the way they want. The Judge was careful to add however this “was not dictating a decision on a social issue but rather saying that governments could not impose a single version of morality.

Mr. Turley goes on in the article praising the fact that Morality Laws weren’t just falling in Utah, but around the US.

Across the country, the era of morality codes is coming to an inglorious end. This year, the Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act barring the federal recognition of same-sex marriage. And this week, the New Mexico Supreme Court and another federal judge in Utah struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in those states — bringing the number to 18 states (plus the District of Columbia) where same-sex couples can marry. Meanwhile, Virginia recently repealed its 1877 cohabitation law and Colorado repealed a criminal adultery law from the 1850s — both relics of a time when states used their criminal codes to force citizens to comply with the religious values of their neighbors.

What does all this mean for Christians? It’s simply a reminder that we live in a fallen world that has no interest in the things of God, and maybe its time for us to stop calling America a Christian Nation. Please understand this isn’t an attack on our Country as a whole, but it becomes more obvious by the day that we are no longer founded upon Christian principles.

How we respond to this fact as Believers is very important. Many of us mourn the fact that Biblical truth is looked upon as a “bullying tactic” (and we should be broken by this) but it also creates a world of opportunity to explain what the Gospel truly means to those who don’t understand the truths of Scripture.

Allow me to repeat I don’t agree with individuals who treat Unbelievers with anger or hostility, but the “bullying tactic” idea here comes from our belief that there is only one Biblically correct form of marriage which I completely agree with.

Yes, we live in a culture that has totally rejected God, but the time for mourning is over.  The time has come for us to go into our non-christian Nation with the Gospel of Christ.

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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