Why I Put the Donut Down

What is the greatest challenge to reaching the world for Christ? There are many different obstacles but for me the most greatest one has nothing to do with spiritual life, doctrine, or Church programs…it’s my daily diet.

All Believers struggle with bad eating habits, but this is especially true for Missionaries like myself. In the south visiting Churches to share my ministry meant experiencing “Southern Hospitality” which was a nice way of saying they’re going to give you enough food to kill a person (not that I ever complained of course). Add to this Church dinners, fast food restaurants, lack of exercise, and hours spent on the road it’s a wonder I survived the support raising phase of ministry.

But eventually the unhealthy eating catches up with us, and we come to a point were we know a change needs to be made.

So I had to put the donut down

Photo courtesy of http://junquerethunque.blogspot.com/2013/03/crafting-and-coffee-and-donuts-oh-my.html

If you’re ever at Walmart go into the bread section and nearby is a case filled with self-serve donuts for 59 cents…those donuts are my arch nemesis, and have ruined countless diet’s or resolutions to eat healthy. Alas simple will power has no chance when facing cheap pastries.

This year will be different though, because God has given me a reason to put the donut down.


A goal at our Church this year is building bridges or relationships into the lives of the unsaved. The Lord gave me many ministry opportunities in 2013 but almost none of them resulted in those kinds of relationships. You see bridges in the lives of others take lots of time, hard work, suffering, and patience; unfortunately  I couldn’t do this since a diet based on carbs and sugar filled snacks left me feeling tired all day.  So in order to take the next step in reaching others for Christ my junk food had to go.


A “Bridge Building Eating Plan” was started based on fresh fruits and vegetables, with my beloved donuts replaced by fruit smoothies. After almost three weeks (it’s day nineteen) I have tons of extra energy and mental clarity that can be used building those important relationships.

I’m not going to tell you eating brussell sprouts, tuna, or greens will taste like a hamburger and french fries. However I can tell you trading your donuts for fruit smoothies will give energy to reach this broken world with the Gospel of Christ. The world is filled with people looking for Christians who can live the Gospel in front of them, so I’m begging you, put the donut down

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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