Letter to My Australian Friends

wpid-IMG_0085-2013-12-14-20-05.JPGDear Friends,

It is amazing to me that it’s been sixteen months since I said goodbye to all of you and left for the States on furlough. It seems like just yesterday that I was sharing my ministry needs with friends over cookies and cups of coffee at our last prayer meeting.

Things weren’t supposed to work out this way I promise…

The support was supposed to come in by the summer of 2013 and my Visa cared for by mid January. Tomorrow I’m going to celebrate the birthdays of niece and nephew…the plan was to leave next week.

I’m supposed to be packing my bags and saying goodbye to family, yet here I am still going through the Visa process and living in my parents basement instead 🙂

The point is I miss you guys terribly and would be boarding a plane to Australia if I had my way (though being in America is awesome)

But I want you to understand what the Lord is helping me realize….ministry can’t be done halfway.

Towards the end of my second missionary term financial stuff and other things got me down and and I started getting discouraged. I didn’t talk about it because I was too much of a man (or coward) to say anything, but you guys could tell. Eventually the financial issues started affecting ministry and that’s when I finally decided to come back and care for my biggest needs (support and Permanent visa).

The thing is I’m pulled in two different directions because my heart wants to go back, but my mind knows the mission hasn’t been completed yet. So though I would give anything to be with you (100 degree temperature days and all) in the long run being here is what’s best, so my financial situation or Visa issues will never stand in the way of reaching Melbourne for Christ again.

I can’t promise to be there tomorrow…..I wish I could. What I can promise is I haven’t forgotten any of you, and am committed to doing whatever it takes to gain a Permanent Visa because you deserve a ministry focused on excellence.

I Love You All,


Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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