From the Archives: A Gospel-Centered Facebook Rant

Originally Published January 1, 2014

Can you tell she is having a bad day?

I’m a pretty laid back person who doesn’t take himself too seriously, but there are a few kinds of people in life that make me angry. People who demand their own way (acting as if their opinions are more important than mine), folks who give my family a hard time (actually if you mess with my brother I will probably help), whoever invented fat-free ice cream, and people who go on Facebook rants.

Now to be honest sharing frustrations when we are having a bad day is totally natural and healthy. But there’s something about doing it on a social media website that annoys me for some reason, and for a long time I wasn’t entirely sure why.

Before getting to the why let me explain what a Facebook Rant is….this refers to someone expressing their strong emotions (frustration, loneliness, anger) in an extended post on their Facebook wall. This can also be done with sites like Twitter but it has to broken up into small statements and just doesn’t look as cool 🙂 It’s a fairly common way of dealing with the frustrating days or moments of life when we have to find a release or will blow up like an emotional volcano.

Most of my anger over these Facebook sharers has to do with life being filled with drama (struggles) for each one of us. Many days my drama will seem to be roughly the size of Mt. Everest, but the truth is there are countless people around the world with problems much greater than mine. That’s why for a long time I viewed this form of sharing as arrogant since the people through online rants were saying their drama is a lot bigger than mine or anybody else’s.

I do realize as a single man I don’t experience the level of stress endured by parents and am in no way trying to say I go through all of the challenges you face, it is frustrating however when people act as if their needs are the only ones that need to be met.

The Lord convicted me recently about this attitude because it stemmed from the idea that my problems weren’t important enough to be shared with others (online or otherwise). This has led me to start sharing the good and bad news in life with others instead of acting like my problems weren’t big enough. However my desire is to do this through Gospel Based Facebook Rants

What’s a Gospel Based Facebook Rant? It’s a status update that shares the pain, suffering, and sorrow in a persons life clearly…but in a way that emphasizes our need of Christ. While I haven’t got the whole idea perfected in my mind, here are a few differences with a Gospel Based Facebook Rant. (For the sake of illustration I’m using my Visa Application Process for a status update idea)

It’s worded as a prayer to God. This immediately takes the focus off of my
own pain and leads others to join me in praying about that specific need.

Lord you know how frustrated I am about this Visa situation and it’s really giving me a negative attitude about the whole process, help me believe things will work out for your glory instead of expecting them to fail

It involves mediation on the pain. This will be the hardest part for me since being a man I’m geared to “fix the problem right away.” However stopping for a few moments and asking God why that suffering has entered your life, or what responses He wants you to take will make a huge difference

Lord thank you for showing me how fear of confrontation has affected my communication with the Immigration Lawyers, may I show courage in this stressful circumstance.

You emphasize the Redemption of Christ….God promises to Redeem or deliver us from every Trial in life. That promise can be the foundation of a Gospel Based Facebook Rant since now we are looking towards God’s coming Redemption instead of reveling in our suffering.

Lord you promise to deliver me from the paperwork of Governments and their Immigration laws, bring the promised deliverance that will bring Glory to your name.

It involves confession of our brokenness in sin. The theme of Scripture can be broken down in two basic parts…Man Trying to Be God and Failing (OT), Christ coming to redeem man (NT) many times those bad days come to remind us we are a very poor substitute for God

Lord my problems aren’t insignificant just because of my social situation and standing (a single man has drama just like parents with children), help me not to buy into Satan’s lie about my needs not worth being shared.”

Drama is a part of life, and we were never meant to bottle it up inside of ourselves indefinitely (I’m trying to learn that lesson myself) but at the same time our response to the pain of life must become a testimony for Christ. In a social world filled with self-centered rants, may the updates on our worst day point others to Christ.

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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