A 547 Word Prayer Request

970752_sad_young_boy_on_the_bankOne of the things that Missionaries do constantly is share prayer requests, unfortunately most of the time these are given in a bullet point style, which means one sentence or phrase is used for each request. While this allows us to share a lot of prayer needs at once, it also hinders things in a way since those who want to pray about our needs aren’t given a lot of information necessary to specifically pray for those requests.

Because of that this week I would like to share with you a five-hundred and forty-seven word prayer request that weighs heavily upon my heart. I pray this information can help you know how to pray better for me.

The request is that God would help me meet with those I minister to outside of the ministry itself…

This may seem like a strange request but bear with me here.

The Lord has given me many opportunities to minister in the local community through volunteer ministries like English Teaching, Computer Tutoring, Mentoring, Administration at a local Autism Center, and helping out at a local Food Bank. These are obviously awesome opportunities since they allow me to develop relationships with a lot of people while meeting their physical or emotional needs and learning about their deeper spiritual needs. The problem is there are time constraints (most ministries last about an hour) so I don’t have a lot of time to meet that spiritual need in a real way.

Yes, it is possible to share the Gospel in only a few moments (and I take opportunities to do this) but in order to have a truly strong influence on their lives for Christ we need to meet for a lot longer than just one hour a week. So its time for me to take the next step in these relationships, and move towards Discipleship.

In this context I’m referring to the process of leading someone to the Lord who doesn’t already know Him,  getting them involved in a local Church, and teaching them God’s Word in a one on one relational style. There are many open doors for this kind of discipleship ministry in the lives of those who I’ve been able to touch through volunteering.

Like the High School Senior who has lots of problems in his life, but is unwilling to ask for help because in his own words “He is too proud”

Or the Christian High School Student who is being pressured by family members to act and dress like other kids instead of being himself

Or another student who struggles with serious feelings of loneliness

Or the family who because of poverty have never owned or used a computer at all, and are very ashamed about the things they don’t have

Or an English student who wants to make new friends, but is incredibly shy and self-conscious so talking to a stranger is the hardest thing in the world

Or a woman who is studying to take the US Citizenship Exam and is overwhelmed by stress

Or children who have no structure in their lives so they don’t know right from wrong


This and other needs call for me to connect with these people outside of our one to two hour volunteer ministry each week.

I know there is a great need for these deeper relationships, but fear of what will happen has kept me from developing them, so I’m asking you to pray that I will have the courage to take this next relationship step. There are a lot of different fears at work here; Fear of being rejected (they won’t want to interact outside of ministry), Fear of not knowing what to say, Fear of being overwhelmed myself by their stress and problems, Fear of not have the strength or energy to continue this deeper relationships in the future, and so on.

Please ask the Lord to give me courage and strength necessary to go pas the one-hour relationship, and begin ministering to their true spiritual needs.

Well, there you have it, a 547-word prayer request; Hopefully this allows you to know more about my ministry, and how to remember me before the Lord. Oh and in case you come up with a different total, the first two paragraphs and this one technically don’t count 🙂

Published by

John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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