The Most Embarrassing Training Session of My Life


Last Tuesday I had the most embarrassing run of my life. The funny thing is it didn’t have much to do with my physical training, but mental and physical preparation.

So for your entertainment I present how not to prepare for a run…

  • 5:10-Instead of eating a banana (my usual pre-run snack) I decided on a bag of candy
  • 5:15-realized I left my shoes at home (twenty minutes away) and started driving there as fast as possible
  • 5:20-Got behind someone actually driving the speed limit
  • 5:25-Got home and realized I didn’t have keys to the house (eventually got in through the garage)                                              
  • 5:25-Arrived home and realized I didn’t have keys to the house (eventually got in through the garage)                                          
  • 5:35-Finally on my way back to training with my right shoe not laced up or tied correctly                                                             
  • 6:00-Got there just in time to start an eight-mile run

The run started well, but by about mile four that lack of preparation came back to haunt me.

1. Mile Three-We start running race pace (9:30) and I get really worried
2. Mile Four-Legs are killing me because I didn’t stretch out properly
3. Mile Five-Going up the big hills and I’m struggling to keep up
4. Mile Six-I seriously question the wisdom of eating candy as my stomach becomes nauseous
5. Mile Seven (Editors note-please don’t read this if you have a weak stomach, seriously it’s disgusting)

Okay You Asked for it….

7. Mile Seven-I puked my brains out (thankfully it was dark and nobody was around)
8. Mile Eight-I got back just as they were getting ready to put together a rescue party

Life often gives us the choice between a banana (choosing the right thing that may not be easy) and candy (something we enjoy) and it’s awfully hard to turn that temptation down. The thing we must do in those situations is visualize were that choice will take us.

And ask ourselves; do I want to be finishing strong during mile seven, or throwing up in the bushes?

I don’t know about you, but I will take the banana 🙂

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John Wilburn

Church planter, teacher, and disciple-maker in Barrouallie St. Vincent

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