About Me


After volunteering for years at different ministries it became clear it was going to take more than a few hours each week to truly help them.  So in late 2010 I began developing mentoring relationships with individuals meeting three or four times a week with the goal of equipping them to face their challenges with confidence.

This kind of ministry isn’t easy trust me; it’s frustrating, exhausting, and very messy.  But there is a greater need than ever before for individuals who will enter the world of those who are hurting, and help them grow within a loving relationship.

This website is used to share some of my adventures through these mentoring relationships, but in a deeper sense it’s to empower others who will go build bridges into the lives of those around them who are hurting.  This is done by sharing ministry tools, websites, teaching material, and most importantly personal lessons from experience (many of them learned the hard way).

I pray that this website will challenge you the same way it does me to go past a thirty-minute or one hour relationship with the suffering around us…because they deserve so much more.

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